"Whose Life Is It Anyway?" Workshop
Not your mama's goal setting workshop
My 5 step system for building a life that walks in the opposite direction as bitterness, resentment & burnout, and is deeply satisfying, authentic & 100% ON-PURPOSE <3

This workshop is great to take at the end of a year, month, week or season of life that has left you feeling overwhelmed, out of control and in the passenger seat of your own life.

"How To Say No Without Ruining Your Relationships" Workshop

How to stay no with grace, and how to stay in your love for others, as well as yourself as you establish healthy boundaries. This workshop walks you through the things you need to consider as you establish boundaries that save and protect your relationships, rather than ruin them. 

"Vampire Season" Workshop
Dealing with people who suck the life out of you.
Some people are just A LOT. This workshops walks you through things to consider when you're dealing with vampires and relationships with them that require boundaries.