Boundaries & Crucial Conversations
Establish & Maintain Healthy Boundaries with Kindness & Courage
Are you struggling with consistently setting and protecting your healthy boundaries? 

Are you tired of staying silent, coming last and staying stuck in unhealthy or toxic relationship patterns characterized by poor or unhealthy boundaries? 

Are you terrified of having to speak up for yourself and your priorities?

Are you constantly worried about hurting your relationships, others or even yourself if you mess it up? 

Do you have no idea where to start?

You may benefit from 1:1 Boundaries & Crucial Conversation Coaching. 
Courageous Clarity & Strategy
Get out of your own head, get clear on whats holding you back & why.
Think of this as a debriefing. 

Sometimes we have so much going on in our heads we have no idea which way is up. 

Sometimes we get stuck and we can't even figure out where - let alone why or how to get unstuck. 

Sometimes we need to hear an outsiders perspective. 

If you need someone to help you sift through the noice and find courage and clarity for the way forward - A Courageous Clarity Strategy Session is for you.
Self-Sabotage & Roadblock Bundle
4x 60min sessions with Lauren da Silva & Meggan Larson
Get to the root of your self-sabotage or life & business roadblocks and strategize a way forward. 

Discover your zone of genius and create a flourishing life and business there! 

Included in this bundle:
* 2x 60 minute coaching calls with Meggan Larson & Lauren da Silva to identify & eliminate self-sabotage & roadblocks.
* 1x 60 minute AFT Session with Meggan Larson.
* 1x 60 minute private coaching session with Lauren da Silva.