Do you need The Advantage Hub to help you find VA support and services? 

How it works: 

  • Initiate our matching services by paying the one-time $50 service fee AND filling out the provided application form. 

  • Within 7-10 working days, we provide you with a selection of VA’s from our database that are most suited to your needs AND access to resources that will help you with the interview process, and choose the right person for you and your needs, and manage your VA effectively once you have made your selection. 

  • You will interview or select the VA you would like to work with and we will set up your payment agreement & payment account. 

  • We work on a prepaid model where you pre purchase however many hours you need in advance, based on the agreed upon hourly rate. 

  • There is no monthly or annual commitment or fee. 

  • You will have the freedom to manage your VA according to your and their communication preferences. 

  • We will handle payroll of your VA on your behalf. 

  • If for whatever reason, things don’t work out with your VA, we will help you find a new one. 

Are you ready to work with an Advantage Hub VA?
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The Advantage Hub, The Flourish Hub Media Company & Lauren da Silva Coaching reserve  the right to terminate our services to you at any time, and will refund monies owed to you for any work not yet performed or services not received.