Would you like to work remotely, from home, supporting entrepreneurs from all over the world?


How it works: 

  • Fill out an application form, and specify your skills, talents, and areas of interest. You will be asked to provide an up to date CV/resume, references we can reach via email and if you have one - a link where we can access a portfolio of relevant work :) 

  • We will process your application and contact you for an interview. 

  • If your interview is successful, we will contract your hourly rate, you will be added to our database, and you will become eligible to be matched with prospective employers. 

  • When you are matched with a prospective employer, they (and we) will contact you to begin an interview process with them. 

  • If they choose to hire you and make use of your services, they will manage you and your workflow directly, you will report your hours worked, and you will be paid by our organization via a Payoneer (preferred) or Paypal account at the end of every week for work done that week. 

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