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The Heart-Centered Woman's Guide to Healthy Boundaries
The Recovering People-Pleasers Life-Line

Healthy boundaries are deeper than "just say no".

Understanding the core principles of healthy boundaries and how they can transform your life, and your relationships is the first step to successfully establishing and maintaining them.

I wrote this book because it is what I needed 15 years ago.

If you're struggling to give yourself permission to become the most generous, compassionate and peace-filled version of yourself, then The Heart-Centered Woman's Guide to Healthy Boundaries is my gift to you.

The Flourishing Life Priority Planner 
The Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs Life Line
As a busy work-from-home entrepreneur who is also a mother, wife, friend and more, I needed a system that was easy to use and more importantly - helped me manage my time and energy in a way that would take me closer to the life I was trying to create.

The Flourishing Life Priority Planner comes with FREE access to my "Time Investment Strategy", a step-by-step online learning experience where I share WHY and the HOW behind the WHAT of the planner.