* Put off establishing boundaries for fear of not knowing what to say or how to say it?

* Held back the truth of your experience in a relationship for fear of loosing the relationship or hurting someone you love? 

* Been worried about saying the wrong thing? 

* Been worried about being misunderstood? 

* Been worried about loosing friends/loved ones or even clients because you set healthy boundaries?

* Needed help putting your feelings and words out there so that you can save yourself from the stress, bitterness and resentment building up inside of you?
Are You Ready To:
* Learn the secret to having successful high stakes conversations. 
* Learn how to develop the the tools and choose the words you need for establishing your healthy boundaries honestly AND lovingly. 
* Begin to create a personal toolbox that you can use, and reuse for all of your future boundaries and other crucial conversations. 
* Grow in the confidence that you need to take that leap of faith in yourself, and then grow in your ability to do this WELL, and better and better every time you do it.
* Break the cycle of "boundarylessness" that is sabotaging your life and relationships once and for all...

Then this workshop is for you!



* Lifetime access to two hours of easy-to-understand, practical teaching.

* A printable notebook with worksheets that you can use every time you prepare for a boundaries conversation. 

* Lifetime access to an online participant's community where all your questions can get answered and you'll be supported & cheered on by people on the exact same journey as you!


Who Am I?
My name is Lauren and I am a Boundaries & Crucial Conversations Coach. 

I am passionate about helping women who are heart-centered & servant-hearted leaders, entrepreneurs & helpers of people find their voices & use them to both build & protect their flourishing. 

I believe that we are all capable of learning the skills we need to say hard things with love, tact & courage; that we can stay in our love & service AND honor our own flourishing at the same time. 

I believe in the power of connection, courage, creativity and authenticity. 

I believe in you and your big, beautiful, flourishing life.