• Feeling unsupported by your significant other. 
  • Feeling bitterness & resentment towards your significant other. 
  • Feeling unseen by your significant other. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your duties at home. 
  • Feeling like your home life is holding you back. 
  • Unhealthy communication & conflict patterns in your marriage.
  • Feeling like your life is out of your control.
  • Feeling burnt out by your life and responsibilities
  • Feeling like your relationship unhappiness inhibits your other successes. 
  • Feeling like relationship issues arise when other areas of your life start to go well. 
  • Hiding from your personal life/marriage inside your marriage.

  • Feel more in control of your life, time & energy?
  • Stop living consumed by bitterness & resentment?
  • Stop emotional burnout in its tracks?
  • Quit sabotaging your relationship happiness as you forge ahead in business?
  • Enjoy your relationships as much as you are enjoying making your mark on the world?
  • Equip yourself with the tools you need to cultivate greater love, respect & intimacy in your relationship? 
  • Learn how to communicate less defensively & aggressively?
  • Feel like a team?
  • Feel like you are flourishing in all areas of life? 
  • Live a balanced, harmonious life? 
  • Lift (and remove) that weight of ALL the responsibility for EVERYONE'S happiness from your shoulders? 
  • Make more more room in your life and relationship for freedom & love?

Then this workshop is for you!
What people are saying about The Boundaries & Breakthroughs Workshop with Meggan & Lauren:

Here's what you will learn::
  • Learn how healthy boundaries can bring healing to your relationship. 
  • Learn how to establish them in a way that can help your relationship (rather than blow them up) 
  • Learn how to be happy in business, family and in marriage. 
  • Learn make your needs/wants known in your relationship. 
  • Create more balance in your work-married-family life.

  • Learn how to succeed in business in a way 
  • Learn how to communicate healthily. 
  • Learn how to disconnect your progress or flourishing from roadblocks in your marriage.
  • Build a marriage that is mutually supportive and flourishing. 
  • Feel supported and seen in your relationship. 

Here's what's Included:

Access for both spouses to:

  • 2 AFT Sessions
  • 6 Live Coaching Sessions 
  • PDF Workbook
  • Ongoing support & interaction in a private Facebook Community. 
  • Lifetime access to all of the above content. 

Who Are We?
Meggan Larson

My name is Meggan and I am a Published Author, Entrepreneur, and AFT Certified Success Coach. 

I am passionate about helping women entrepreneurs succeed & serve from their authentic selves. 

It took me thirteen years of failing as an entrepreneur to finally understand what I was doing wrong and now I'm on a mission to help as many women as I can start to believe in themselves in order to succeed wildly. 

I believe that together we can link arms and transform our failures into successes while we shed the mindset that has kept us stuck for far too long. 

Let's live as authentically as we can while showing the world that we are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

Lauren da Silva
My name is Lauren and I am a Boundaries & Crucial Conversations Coach. 

I am passionate about helping women who are heart-centered & servant-hearted leaders, entrepreneurs & helpers of people find their voices & use them to both build & protect their flourishing. 

I believe that we are all capable of learning the skills we need to say hard things with love, tact & courage; that we can stay in our love & service AND honor our own flourishing at the same time. 

I believe in the power of connection, courage, creativity and authenticity. 

I believe in you and your big, beautiful, flourishing life. 

Normally, this many coaching sessions with Lauren & Meggan would cost over $900.

We are only charging $147!


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