The Upward Spiral Masterclass

The Upward Spiral Masterclass is an online learning & ongoing group coaching experience that will revolutionize every area of your life.

If you’re stuck at the starting line, like what you’re experiencing is something like failure to launch… like the cause of the stuckness/overwhelm and frustration is emotional and that that emotional  pattern is on “repeat” and deeper than just “go and do the x,y,z things” then this program was designed for you. 

What we are doing in our businesses is heavy, heart (emotional) work as well as head (strategy) and hand-work (implementing) and when our own stories involve having had to break our own chains, and heal from our own pain and create new legacies in our own families then that stuff - patterns and cycles show up and we need to “pull the weeds” on every new level we enter into.

It doesn’t void any of the heart work we’ve done before...

It’s just a brand new level, and we’re having to dig deeper than we’ve had to before. So I designed it to give you tools and equip you to use them in every higher level, new arena and the farther and farther you get from your comfort zone….

there’s constant connection and support. And the program won’t be “done” until everyone feels like they have the tools and instructions for those tools to move forward.

The course content is delivered in easy- to-understand & digest, bite-sized  portions... and the group coaching will give you an opportunity to apply it to your specific context - and get ongoing support and feedback in real time.

I can't wait to see stand along side you, hold your arms and heart up if you will, as you discover your power, use your voice, reclaim. your life and make your mark on the world! 

I can't wait to watch you, your life and your business flourish!

xx. L

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"It's the healing helpers that heal our world..."