When all they can see is "shepherd"

1 Samuel 16 tells us the story of how David came to be anointed as king in place of Saul. 

Jesse presents his sons to Samuel in order of his assumption of who was most likely to be chosen. In their culture, men divided the privilege, power and wealth of their households to their sons according to their birth order, so Jesse leans into his culture’s values and perspectives when choosing who to present to Samuel for his consideration, and in what order. 

It appears as if David’s own father didn’t think he was king material. Not only did his own father not even present him as a candidate to Samuel - he wasn’t even invited to the banquet being hosted at his own house. According to the people who “knew him best” his place was in the field with the sheep.

Or what if it had nothing to do with whether or not he had potential to lead a nation - Think about his track record as a shepherd: David could kill lions and bears with his bare hands. Maybe it’s not that his dad didn’t think he was good enough to lead a nation, maybe his dad just didn’t have anyone as good as him to care for the sheep. Ie: my theory anyway is that MAYBE he wasn’t invited to the party, or presented to Samuel for consideration because his dad was protecting his own interests, and his decision had nothing to do with what he saw/didn’t see in David 🤔 (later, when David kills Goliath we see how David was able to go to the battlefield with a care package for his because his father did in fact, have people he could delegate the responsibility to :P)

 Samuel (the prophet/man of God) looked at each of Jesse’s sons and evaluated them according to what he thought a king and military leader should LOOK like. It literally took the voice of God to be like: seriously... how well did that work out for us last time - There is someone else.

Friends here’s what I’m seeing:

- People keeping you in their place for you is probably more about it being convenient for them that you stay there. Ie: it represents a truth about them, what they think they want/need; and may have very little to do with you at all. 

- If God wants you in a certain room, he will get you in there.

- The fields in which we feel “stuck” shepherding can change everything...

The most popular song of all time.. (Look it up) is psalm 23, even notorious BIG/gangsta rap has a version!

A hymn, written by David, inspired by his time as a shepherd about HIS shepherd.

That psalm has gone on to bless and inspire and change the lives of millions of people around the world for thousands of years.

There would be no Psalm 23 without David’s season tending to sheep.It went beyond and into places he could not have even begun to comprehend.

Don’t limit yourself, your ideas or reach because you can’t see as far as God can.

Just create it because it’s what’s coming out of your heart in adoration, in worship, in service. Put it out there, and let God take care of the rest. 

In my own life I have spent way too much time feeling bound & held back by what I believed to be other people’s perceptions of me. I have stood aside, waiting for others to see, name and celebrate what I had been hoping was there all along. My hunches about David’s father cannot be substantiated - and I guess that's the point of the story- we can never know for sure what's going on inside someone’s heart & mind - and we don’t need to: our challenge or our act of faith is to proceed along the path we have been called to in spite of our fears, assumptions and desire for acceptance or approval that we may never get.


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