Book Review: Rising Above a Toxic Workplace

Book Review: Rising Above a Toxic Workplace

Rising Above a Toxic Workplace by Gary Chapman (the Love Languages guy), Paul White (Language of Appreciation in the Workplace guy) & Harold Myra (Leadership Secrets from Billy Graham guy) was short and succinct. 

At first, a little disappointingly so. I am not sure what I was expecting - but once I got over that I really did enjoy how quick and easy to read it was - short chapters, really easy to understand and all of that. 

Additionally, the entire side of my book is bursting with sticky notes due to quotes I wanted to write down or remember, exercises I wanted to record and thoughts or ideas I wanted to process later - and that is (at least to me) always a good sign. 

The entire final section of the book is also a literal guide and toolkit that is really easy to reference in situations where you may need help processing what is happening or making a decision about how to act. 

I know from experience that conversations around this topic are usually extremely emotionally-charged (and for good reason - toxic workplaces cause an incredible amount of personal, emotional and physical pain to the people suffering in them) - and I found that the book was (at least to me) rather muted emotionally speaking. The damage caused by toxic work places and leaders was acknowledged but the authors did camp out there for very long - they went straight to work passing on the tools that a reader would need to deploy in order to start gaining control of their lives again. 

Basically, this is not the book to pick up if you are hoping to participate in a literary pity party, or are hoping will substitute your therapy bills/sessions.

Its a little empathetic - but its mostly empowering and very, very practical. 

4/5 from me :) Mostly because I can imagine people who need to process all the feels would probably find it lacking in that department. Other than that - if you need helpful answers/solutions pretty fast - you'll get them. 

If you would like to join or participate in a support community for women committed to staying out of bitterness and burnout, and flourishing in all things - why don't you hop on over and be a part of my free facebook group :) I can't wait to welcome you! 

Non-Tox Product Review: Dyper Diapers :)

Non-Tox Product Review: Dyper Diapers :)

Ok so this may be a slightly different post :P But… if you know me you do know that non-tox or low-tox life and products are my jam as much as non-tox/low-tox relationships and social environments are :P

In that vein, I need to introduce my mama-friends whose littles are still in diapers to

I guess I want to start by briefly explaining my commitment to choosing non or low-toxic options as far as is possible. 

At a micro-level, I want us and my kids to be healthy. I want our home to be a safe environment for us to live in. Now that I know that so many of the products in our homes, and that we’ve been using on our and their bodies contain things that increase their chances of getting very sick, I just don’t want to do any of that if I can help it. 

At a more macro-level, my time at World Hunger Relief opened by eyes to the damage that our consumption causes to the planet, and further down the line - the most vulnerable people on it.

I feel that as a person who is privileged enough to make a choice, I should choose the one that will do less harm (to my babies - and to others). I recognize that some people don’t get to choose at all, and that others have less choices than I do. While I do believe that companies and governments should be held responsible for their actions,  I also do my very best not to focus too much on the actions of others if they are outside my sphere of influence (although how I spend my money is influence), and particularly, my control (another blog post for another day). I have no interest in manipulating or forcing people to do things that I think are important. I need to answer for how I uphold my own convictions. And so do you. 

Ok - so now that that's out of the way… If you are in a position to choose diapering options that are on the less-toxic side - outside of them being a healthy choice for your baby and the planet, here is why I think you need to consider my new faves, DYPER. 

1. They’ve Hypoallergenic. 

Ellie has VERY sensitive skin- and the reason why I even tried DYPER is because even the other well-known non-toxic brands would often cause rashes and irritation. We never have this problem with these guys.

2. They’re cheap (er)

So this is actually the real reason why we even decided to give them a go… Hello Bello’s bundles work out to 0.40c per diaper. Dyper’s cost 0.38ea and they are a FAR superior quality. Even when compared to the Honest Brand. They also always have sales - my most recent spend was $36 for 184 diapers. BOOM POW!

3. The quality is amazing. 

These diapers are strong, sturdy, extremely absorbent and  will not separate or go sooooooooooo super droopy (you must know exactly what I mean - that super droopy full-diaper butt just doesn’t happen)(and the inner sections don’t seem to separate or come loose from the cover the way cheaper diapers seem to do). Ellie pushes them to their limits too... just today she went for a swim in it and it didn't burst, and the inner absorbent section on the inside didnt detach and kind of float around inside the shell (am I even making sense right now?) 

There are other things: 

Like that they’re compostable, there's an app, and have a very flexible and customizable subscription service. They have pull-ups as well as super extra-absorbent options - not that we’ve ever had to try those. 

Seriously, they do seem too good to be true - but they’re not! They’re the real deal. If you’d like to grab your own bundle you should visit their website (right now subscriptions are 15% off!)

As a regular customer  I can also send sample packs to my friends! So if you want to put them to the test - You can order a $4 sample pack - I only have 5 of these - so first come, first serve.

Either way - hit the comments and let me know if or why going non/low-tox on things like diapers is important to you too! (And if you’d like the sample pack - drop me a mail - and I will get on it asap!