“Comparison is the thief of joy” 

I am sure you have heard that infamous one-liner. 

We know it’s true… when we compare ourselves, our lives and our relationships to other people’s, we feel the joy inside of us shrink away until it’s all but evaporated. 

But how does this work? How exactly does it “steal our joy”... and why does it even matter? 

It's all got to do with GRATITUDE. 

Brene Brown, in her groundbreaking work called “the gifts of imperfection”, details how practiced gratitude and joy are inexplicably connected. Meaning, if you want more JOY, you need to practice more gratitude… 

Comparison on the other hand, is the opposite of gratitude - it’s actually the act of being UNGRATEFUL. 

If gratitude nurtures joy and draws it nearer, comparison starves joy and pushes it farther away. 

And how does gratitude nurture joy? 

Well… think about how it works  - gratitude is the art, practice or habit of expressing THANKS for the various gifts in our lives and circumstances. 

Perhaps it is the very act of THANKSGIVING that takes a moment, circumstance, or even a material item and makes it possible for us to receive it as a treasure?

That is, until we are prepared to find something to be thankful for, we will not be able to receive the gift hiding beneath the surface of our circumstance. 

This means that the opposite of comparison is gratitude. 

If you are struggling with comparison, you won’t see any change to that habit (yes - learnt behavior)  or change by getting or making yourself or your life better… you will change that habit by adopting a new one - and that habit is called GRATITUDE. 

Hit the comments by sharing your own secrets and experiences with gratitude practices… what has helped and healed your comparison habit?


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