One of the most valuable lessons growing plants has taught me is that growth truly is a mysterious and miraculous force, it is also a pretty straightforward process. .

To flourish plants need sunlight, water and good soil. Yes, each plant needs them in different ratios but if you give them what they need, growth will do the rest. .

I think humans are the same. I see it in myself, my children and my people - we need the right nourishment, and we grow. Sometimes we put waaaaay too much energy trying to “Will” growth into being, we should focus our energy on figuring out what they are and then making sure the right conditions are met. This is true with basic human needs, it’s also true of our higher aspirations. .

I know my body needs nourishing food, enough sunlight, movement, connection with other humans, connection with God and a healthy dose of solitude to flourish. .

Yet, sometimes I am forgetful about this very basic fact of life and I tear out ahead of myself and I for example, don't eat for 6 hours, sleep for only 5 and barely drink enough water to fill two glasses... oh and don't forget how I wash it down with copious amounts of caffeine - thats a recipe for winning right there (JK).

I found myself alone in the park on a sunny spring afternoon this past Sunday. As I spread myself out on the handmade family quilt and looked up at the foliage above and all around me, I noticed how all the trees had suffered considerable losses after the arctic storm that just 6 weeks ago, brought all of Texas to a screeching halt. Usually by this time of the year, our spring is in full force but the delayed onset of our usual beautiful greenery was especially noticeable.

I noticed the buds and imagined how in just a couple of weeks all will be as it should. The leaves matter - but these older trees (way older than me even) had root systems way deeper than the freeze line, and so despite loosing some of their beauty, maintained all of their strength - and so their beauty would return - all I needed to be, was patient.

I wondered about how much of my energy over the past few weeks had been channeled towards my own "greenery" - fragile beauty for the world to see and enjoy, but so very fickle in the face of bad weather.

I thought about how, were I to channel that same efforts into the soil around my root systems, how much stronger, resilient and ultimately fruitful my life's garden would become.

I have a giggle at my priorities sometimes, but the truth is that I can examine them and figure out what I TRULY prioritize.

My afternoon in the park by myself was in of itself a last resort to nurture my roots for the sake of my foliage as a weekend of to few hours asleep and a generous helping of toddler vomit wore at my margins and I felt myself fraying at the edges.

My own commitment right now has returned to my roots.

The roots that will sustain me through the winter, the roots that will anchor me in the wind. No-one sees the work or into the world of the soil, but we notice which trees didn't survive the ice storm.

I wrote this after my afternoon in the park, I hope it nourishes & encourages your heart as it did mine:


Sometimes when the wind rises up against you and you feel it in your branches... they sway, it plays through your leaves, and together with your dead and decaying limbs, some fall to the ground. 

Don’t mistake the movement for trepidation. Your trunk holds you firm, your deepest roots sleep soundly through the rustle. 

The pruning is no cause for alarm when your roots are deep, and at rest. The loss you feel is not loss, but clearing and then gain. 

Buried & unseen roots are what makes you strong and will keep you standing in the wind, not the celebrated foliage. 

You’re beautiful in the winter. Naked, but still there. 

You’re beautiful in the summer. Lush, winter’s faithfulness bearing its fruit. 

Onlookers relish only in what they can see, and use, and enjoy.

What will you relish in? What will you tend to? Where will you throw your nurturing? 

Towards the sky, where winds blow at your work? 

Toward the earth? Where only you and the One who sees into the darkness can go? 

Whose gaze are you tending to?

Leaves scatter in the wind. Deeply rooted, you’ll weather the seasons.


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