“If its burning you out, it probably doesn’t belong to you” - Lauren da Silva

We've all been there...done the hard work, taken the deep breaths, mustered all the courage to establish the healthy boundary… or like, barely a week ago - compiled a list of ways that 2021 is GOING to be different.

But somehow, the things just don't stick.

And so maybe if you’re determined, you try ONE.MORE.TIME....

And alas… more of the same. It just doesn't stick.

And so we focus our energy on just living with whatever it is we couldn't fix without murdering anyone.

Sound Familiar???

Just so that you know… there is something about your values... and your boundaries and visa versa that hardly anyone talks or even knows about.

I am here to share with you why your boundaries and maybe even your New Year’s resolutions won't stick.... and what to do about it.

  1. Your Boundaries & commitments won’t stick if they aren’t aligned with your core values. 

Here’s the thing: If your commitments don’t grow out of authentic & honest recognition of what actually matters to you - you’re going to have a hard time sticking to them. Sometimes we commit to losing weight when deep down we love food more than we love being thin...sometimes we are subconsciously more committed to our comfort zones than we are to growth, change and success. And sometimes, deep down, we actually want to succeed or make a mark on the world outside of the home (rather than stay home with the kids).

This can look like a hundred different things for a hundred different people - but if you had had trouble sticking to your commitments, or your boundaries you might want to spend some time figuring out whether or not you’ve made a commitment that doesn’t in fact matter as much to you as you like to pretend it does. 

  1. Your boundaries reveal your core values & true commitments. 

The flip side of this is that our internal boundaries - that is the feelings of anger, frustration and resentment that rise up inside of us when they are being violated are basically like small warning lights on the dashboards of our lives trying to let us know that we are betraying something or some part of ourselves that actually matters to us. 

Again, this may look different depending on the person… but I am going to go ahead and be honest and say that one of the things I need to function is some silence, and physical space around me (I am basically bubble boy, but without a literal bubble). Additionally, one of the things I value in terms of motherhood is raising children who are empathetic, independent, considerate and helpful. I could follow some really frustrating parenting advice or rather, ideals around motherhood, which basically imply that I should be available to my young children 24/7 and allow them to hang all over me all day (and LOOOOOOVE it) but after 5 mins of that life I am basically about to go full chernobyl on them all and blast our family into smithereens. 

No good reader, I say things like: “no, please don’t touch me, I don’t like that... I will let you know when I am ready for snuggles” and I heed their own requests for space. Things like “hey guys, we are going to have a silent hour - and you may not talk to me, unless you’re on fire”, also work wonders on occasion. 

Any other type of mothering would be me living a lie, and not only do I value honesty and authenticity as an act of courage - I also know that should I be wrong about this, that I am secretly selfish and deprived - the only way that’s ever going to change is if I show up honestly, as I am and open to growth.

 Noone has ever experienced lasting transformation because they’ve spent 5 years pretending - “faking it until you make it”,  always has been and always will be the worst advice. We get help (and we can give it) where we struggle, and we can become less selfish, less judgemental about what is, posture ourselves towards love and grace, and understand that values aren’t made of concrete. 

They, like you, are allowed to change, grow and mature. When we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and when loosen the death grip we have on them, we make room for change.

  1. Your values make the best boundaries 

If you want sticky boundaries and commitments with a lifespan longer than 24 hours. The best place to start is with who you are, and what truly matters most to you. Don’t waste your energy on a weight loss resolution when you are perfectly happy with the size of your pants. But if you’re not, could you frame that resolution or root it in what actually does matter to you? Your health? Time with your children? The vitality needed to pursue your goals? Stewardship of a beautiful body given to you to love and care for? Don’t pick the answer you think you want to hear, pick the one that resonates deeply… even if one of the objections that jumps to the front of your mind has something to do with what he/she/they will say/think/expect… 

I did an online training on this a couple of days ago if you’d like to dig a little deeper (or if you just prefer video):

I also recently did a webinar training called: Whose Life is It Anyway - so if you need some help sifting through the noise of other people’s voices and expectations and identifying what REALLY matters to you… you can gain access to that HERE----> 


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