Myths & Truths About Boundaries
What you believe about something, the story you tell yourself about it and the unconscious programming you have around it will have a profound impact on your ability to integrate it into your daily life. 

I have found over, and over again that the number one (or rather the most important) stumbling block that people face when it comes to establishing boundaries or having hard conversations about them, is what they believe about them deep down inside. 

If you believe that establishing a boundary is selfish or ungodly - its going to be very difficult to convince yourself to do it. 

If you subconsciously believe that establishing boundaries or telling the truth is unkind or unloving - then you are going to have a hard time summoning the courage to do so... no matter how toxic or unhealthy the situation you're facing is. 

Below is a handy dandy, printable "Myths & Truths About Boundaries" Cheat sheet. 

Which Myths have you been subconsciously (or even consciously) believing? 
Which Truths have you embraced? 

If you need help breaking out of old, destructive boundaries stories - you should hop on over to my free and flourishing Facebook community for burning out, heart-centered female leaders and entrepreneurs. We have a ton of free resources and training - as well as a thriving community of recovering people-pleasers and approval-addicts just like you (and me) who are finding their voice, and are using it to protect their flourishing and the flourishing that they are nurturing in their worlds. 


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